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Manufacturing and Industrial

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Industrial Britain: An Architectural History

Pragnell, Hubert J.
Industrial Britain details the fascinating history of industrial architecture in Britain by architectural historian and artist, Hubert Pragnell.
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Industrial Buildings: A Design Manual

Adam, Jurgen
Building structures to house the logistical and manufacturing processes of industry are one of the largest architectural assignments. The functional requirements are fulfilled by typifies or modular solutions. This book emphasises on those functions and procedures that inform the design such as production, montage, storage and distribution.
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The Nuclear Dream: The Hidden World of Atomic Energy

Ludewig, Bernhard
Since 2011, the German government has been implementing a policy phasing out nuclear power. Over a period of seven years, Bernhard Ludewig photographed the country's atomic landscape and history, keeping a visual record of the buildings and the work performed in them.
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Former Wine Warehouse Trieste

Molinari, Luca
The story of the recovery and transformation of the 19th century home of the former wine warehouse on the seaside boulevard of Trieste.
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City Made - TRANS Architectuur, Stedenbouw

Rappaport, Mark Brearley, Job Floris, Ni
Up-and-coming Ghent architecture studio TRANS focuses, in the projects presented here, on bringing manufacturing back into the city. City Made presents three recently built factory facilities in Flanders through interviews and high-quality drawings and pictures, offering precise documentation of their construction.
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Transformation Strijp-S

From Philips industrial area all the way to creative heart of the city of Eindhoven (Brainport region): this is the result of a complex metropolitan transformation.
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Industrial Building Planning and Design

Design Media
Includes detailed chapters on Design Guidelines for Industrial Buildings together with examples of both single and multi-storeyed Industrial Buildings.
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Cleanroom Design 2e

Whyte, W.
A clean environment is essential for modern industrial manufacturing. A cleanroom is designed to ensure that a product is not contaminated-without this assurance many products such as microcircuits, optical systems and pharmaceutical and medical devices could not be manufactured.
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