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Concrete Architecture: Design and Construction

Frohlich, Burkhard
Many contemporary building projects use pliant and economical concrete as their main structural material yet its use requires technical expertise, knowledge and experience. This book analyses 12 projects which cover both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the subject.
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Translucent Materials: Glass, Plastics, Metals

Kaltenbach, Frank
Traditionally, stretched paper, finely-cut stone, or stained glass were used to create mood and atmosphere. This book presents a survey of translucent materials, their technical properties and applications.
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Building with Large Clay Blocks: Details, Products, Examples

Hugues, Theodor
In modern masonry work it is customary to use large size blocks in building. Using two houses as examples, this work presents the details in a scale of 1:10. It elucidates on critical points, showing where care should be given to achieve sustainable results.
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The Art of Precast Concrete: Colour, Texture, Expression

Bennett, David
A survey of the developments in precast concrete technology and building practice, including detailed documentation of 24 inspired projects.
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Dressed Stone: Types of Stone, Details, Examples

Hugues, Theodor & Steiger, Ludwig
Incorporates a chapter on facade techniques in the construction, and also includes a selection of the 80 most sought after European stone types. This book showcases the uses of dressed stone with detailed drawings and focuses the joints and specific related problems.
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Smart Materials in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design

Ritter, Axel~
Smart materials respond to stimuli such as light or temperature by changing their form, color, and viscosity. These materials make it possible to develop self-acting, kinetic facades and wallpaper that changes its color and pattern based on temperature and light. This book presents the functions and uses of about twenty groups of smart materials.
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Liquid Stone: New Architecture in Concrete

Cohen, Jean-Louis & Moeller, Martin~
Features eight essays by noted authors that shed light on specific aspects of concrete and its new forms. This title also features 30 attractive buildings, which illustrate and exemplify these developments.
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Glass Structures: Design and Construction of Self-supporting Skins

Wurm, Jan~~
A guide to the planning and design of glass supporting frameworks. It focuses on the pressure-resistant, flat supporting element as a basic building block for broad supporting structures.
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