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Concrete Permeability and Durability Performance: From Theory to Field Applications

Torrent, Roberto J. (Quali-TI-Mat Sagl,
This text provides insight into the permeability of concrete, moving from theory to practice, and includes over twenty real cases. It stresses the importance of site testing for a realistic durability assessment and details the 'Torrent Method' for non-destructive measurement of air-permeability.
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Shotcrete: Materials, Performance and Use

Morgan, Dudley Robert (Past President of
This comprehensive textbook covers current state-of-the-art shotcrete technology. It provides an overview of the many and various uses of shotcrete. It includes chapters with case histories on shotcrete materials and mixture proportioning, performance, shotcrete research, equipment and shotcrete application.
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Recycled Aggregate Concrete: Technology and Properties

Makul, Natt (Phranakhon Rajabhat Univers
Recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) as a sustainable material is gaining increasing importance in the construction industry. This book discusses properties, specifications, and applications of RAC and offers readers insight into current research and advances in the development and utilization of RAC.
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Sustainable Nanomaterials for the Construction Industry

Huseien, Ghasan Fahim
Sustainable Nanomaterials for the Construction Industry examines applications of sustainable nanomaterials used in the building construction sector. The chapters focus on sustainable construction materials using nanotechnology such as pigments, modified cement, polymer, glass, phase change materials, and air purification.
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Building With Wood: The New Timber Architecture

Toromanoff, Agata
Learn how cutting-edge innovations using one of civilization's oldest construction materials are reshaping the built environment in sustainable and beautiful ways.
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Wood in Contemporary Architecture

The Images Publishing Group
This book offers a unique overview of wood as the main construction material for residential buildings worldwide, and introduces architects, interior designers, and builders to the diversity of contemporary timber architecture.
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The Essential Guide to Timber

Scott, Ed
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