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Materials in Progress: Innovations for Designers and Architects

Peters, Sascha
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Material Design: Informing Architecture by Materiality

Schropfer, Thomas
The approach of "Informing Architecture by Materiality" opens the way to an innovative use of materials in the design professions.
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Glass in Building: Principles, Applications, Examples

Weller, B. & Unneweher, S.
"Glass in Building" opens up a whole range of fascinating design possibilities for the planning architect.
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Material Revolution: Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture

Peters, Sascha
Material Revolution: Sustainable and Multi-purpose Materials for Design and Architecture.
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Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes: Materials, Semi-finished Products, Form Finding, Design

Knippers, J. et al
From the history of plastics and membranes in architecture to their material properties and requirements in construction and design, this title provides an overview of the subject.
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Basics Concrete Construction

Bielefeld B
Concrete is the construction material that has helped shape the fundamental static principles of structural load bearing. This title imparts the basic knowledge every architect needs to master for planning reinforced and non-reinforced concrete construction.
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Basics Steel Construction

Bielefeld B
Buildings with wide spans, such as industrial plants and warehouses, are usually built with steel. This book imparts the basic understanding needed for planning with steel as a building material.
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New Architecture in Wood: Forms and Structures

Lennartz, Marc Wilgelm & Jacob-Freitog,
Timber: the old raw material and building material returns. Based on 24 international projects, this book provides an overview of the range of possibilities in wood construction today.
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