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Environmental Impact of Materials: Insulation

Anderson, Jane & Allbury, Kim
Review the environmental issues and performances relevant to insulation in the Green Guide to Specification with this report and reduce the environmental impact of your buildings.
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Environmental Impact of Metals

Allbury, Kim
Understand the significant benefits and impacts of metals over their life cycle and identify opportunities for improvements to their environmental performance. This report reviews how metals have been assessed within The Green Guide to Specification.
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Materials Science In Construction: An Introduction

Ahmed, Ash & Sturges, John
Explains the science behind the properties and behaviour of construction's most fundamental materials (metals, cement and concrete, polymers, timber, bricks and blocks, and glass and plaster). This book examines the critical factors affecting in-situ materials, such as deterioration and the behaviour and durability of materials under performance.
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The Alchemy of Galvanizing: Art, Architecture and Engineering

Johal, Iqbal & Smith N
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Turning Point in Timber Construction: A New Economy

Dangel, U
Faced with climate change and the need to provide housing for a growing population, society needs to rethink the way buildings are made. Wood is a renewable building material that is unlimited in supply if sustainably managed. An integrated approach can have positive impact on the environment. This book deals with this topic.
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Cultivated Building Materials: Industrialized Natural Resources for Architecture and Construction

Hebel, Dirk E. / Heisel, Felix
The 21st century will face a radical paradigm change in how we produce construction materials - a shift towards cultivating, breeding, raising, farming, or growing future resources. The book presents innovative cultivated building materials, like cement grown by bacteria or bamboo fibers as reinforcement for concrete.
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Light Earth Building: A Handbook for Building with Wood and Earth

Volhard, Franz
Presents the use of the "old" building material earth comprehensively and modernly, and contains many practical tips about simplifying designs as well as using prefabricated clay materials in the contemporary construction process. This book presents selected project examples to show the diversity of this building material.
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Metamorphism: Material Change in Architecture

Moravánszky, Ákos
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