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Stone Sampler

Studio Marmo
With an additional 200 new samples, bringing the total to 752, this new edition of Stone Sampler provides swatches of natural stone, including marble, travertine, onyx, granite, quartzite, and limestone, available for use in construction and decoration.
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Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specification

Day, Ken W. Aldred, James & Hudson, Barr
This new edition provides comprehensive, readily understandable assistance to concrete producers in the design and control of their product. It shows how to apply the principles with or without elaborate systems and achieve competitive mix designs and close quality control without either excessive expenditure or extensive theoretical study.
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Self-Consolidating Concrete: Applying what we know

Daczko, Joseph
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Construction Science and Materials

Virdi S
Construction Science & Materials is designed to cover topics studied at levels 2 5 on Construction HND courses and is also suitable for first year undergraduates on construction courses as well as Building surveying, Architectural Technology and Quantity Surveying.
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Rammed Earth Construction: Cutting-Edge Research on Traditional and Modern Rammed Earth

Ciancio, Daniela
"Proceedings of the first International Conference on Rammed Earth Construction, Perth and Margaret River, Western Australia, 10-13 February 2015"--Title page.
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Pure Plastic: New Materials for Today's Architecture

Uffelen C Van
Plastic has moved from a supporting role to being a new star among construction materials. It is versatile, light-weight, flexible and moisture resistant.
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Cork: In Architecture, Design, Fashion & Art

Bounoure, Guillaume
After exploring the life cycle of cork, and describing the refining techniques for use in industry and craftsmanship, the authors offer many examples of applications of cork in art, fashion, interior design and decoration. This book supplies an astonishing overview about the recent trends in using an old natural material in many new ways in our daily life and give worthwhile insights in various production processes.
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Modern Concrete Construction Manual: Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability

Peck M ed : Edition Detail
Concrete is enjoying enormous popularity with planners and builders thanks to the vast potential inherent in its load-bearing capacity and its diverse properties and surface characteristics. This publication focuses on the design and construction of concrete load-bearing structures, and also on concrete's material characteristics.
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