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Building with Steel: Details, Principles, Examples

Reichel, A : Detail
A handbook that is suitable for quick, goal-oriented reading and implementation. It features case study projects that exemplify common norm details using large-scale drawings. It also includes the fundamentals of planning load-bearing structures that provide design and planning help.
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Interior Surfaces and Materials: Aesthetics, Technology, Implementation

Schittich, Christian
Architecture is defined by its materials and surfaces. Not infrequently, it is their look and feel that determine whether a project succeeds or fails. This book provides detailed and specific information on the use of appropriate materials in interior design.
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Plastics: in Architecture and Construction

Engelsmann, Stephan et al
Plastics: In Architecture and Construction.
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Wonder Wood: A Favorite Material for Design, Architecture and Art

Glasner, Barbara
Wonder Wood: A Favorite Material for Design, Architecture and Art.
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Building Biology: Criteria and Architectural Design

Ece N
It makes the link between architecture as a design task and a building biology approach to design. Using the building of the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability (IBN) as a model, building biology criteria and approaches are explained in detail.
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The Aesthetics of Marble: From Late Antiquity to the Present

Gamboni, Dario
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best of Detail: Glas/Glass: Transparenz versus Transluzenz / Transparency versus translucence

Combines highlights from Detail and DETAILgreen on the topic of 'Glass, Transparency and Translucence'. Starting with fundamental questions, this book offers a theoretical basis, details on many practically implemented projects, and plenty of inspiration and examples of successful structural solutions.
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Modern Concrete Construction Manual: Structural Design, Material Properties, Sustainability

Peck M ed : Edition Detail
Concrete is enjoying enormous popularity with planners and builders thanks to the vast potential inherent in its load-bearing capacity and its diverse properties and surface characteristics. This publication focuses on the design and construction of concrete load-bearing structures, and also on concrete's material characteristics.
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