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Basics Glass Construction

Achilles, Andreas
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Advanced Timber Structures: Architectural Designs and Digital Dimensioning

Weinand, Yves
Wood is usually perceived as a traditional material. However, its properties make it possible to design complex origami-, ribbed-, and fabric structures. By exploring the unused potential of wood, this book provides a fresh outlook on a new generation of timber buildings.
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Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture (paperback)

McLeod V
Provides an analysis of both the technical and the aesthetic importance of details in modern timber architecture. This book features 50 completed timber designs for both residential and commercial architecture. It also includes colour photographs, site plans and sections and elevations, as well as numerous construction details.
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Contemporary Concrete Buildings

Jodidio, Philip
Once synonymous with eyesore highway bridges and crumbling, unloved walls, concrete has been reborn as adventurous and sexy. This two-volume book considers the elaborate feats and prodigious engineering of contemporary concrete architecture, from stars such as Tadao Ando and Herzog & de Meuron, to fresh new studios like the Russian SPEECH.
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Holzbauten in Vorarlberg / Timber Structures in Vorarlberg

Hofmeister S
In Vorarlberg wachsen jedes Jahr 610.000 Vorratsmeter Tannen-, Fichten- und Laubholz nach, die die Region bekannt gemacht haben fur eine vorbildhafte Holzbautradtion.
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Wood: Living and Working

Andreu, David
An illustrated celebration of how wood is used in modern architecture as a thermal and acoustic insulator and to bring warmth and texture to buildings.
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