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A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land

Abbott, Joshua
The definitive illustrated guide to art deco, modernist and brutalist architecture in London's suburbs
128,00 kr
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A Second Modernism: MIT, Architecture, and the 'Techno-Social' Moment

Dutta, Arindam
An account of architecture's postwar ambition to transform itself into a research-oriented and technologically complex discipline of design expertise.
723,00 kr
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Architectural Theory of Modernism: Relating Functions and Forms

Poerschke, Ute
"First published 2014 as Funktionen und Formen. Architekturtheorie der Moderne by Bielefeld: Transcript."
548,00 kr
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Architecture and Tourism in Italian Colonial Libya: An Ambivalent Modernism

McLaren B
To be a tourist in Libya during the period of Italian colonization was to experience a complex negotiation of cultures. Architecture and Tourism in Italian Colonial Libya shows how Italian authorities used the contradictory forces of tradition and modernity to both legitimize their colonial enterprise and construct a vital tourist industry.
350,00 kr
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Architectures: Modernism and After

Ballantyne, Andrew
* Brings together international art and architectural historians to consider a range of topics that have influenced the shape, profile, and aesthetics of the built environment. * Presents crucial "moments" in the history of the field when the architecture of the past is made to respond to new and changing cultural circumstances.
437,00 kr
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Baltic Modernism: Architecture and Housing in Soviet Lithuania

Dremaite, M
This richly illustrated monograph discusses the post-war modernist architecture in the Soviet Lithuania, which, together with other Baltic republics, has been seen as exceptional, appropriating Western cultural models much faster and with greater passion, and was labelled "the Soviet West." Nevertheless, the matter of identifying the specific archi
268,00 kr
excluding shipping