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Virgile + Partners: A Creative Inventory

Virgile, Carlos
This book serves as a design overview and visual manifesto of Virgile + Partners, one of the world's leading interior design agencies.
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Shaping Intuition: Architecture and Interior Design by HofmanDujardin

Containing photos, sketches and plans, the sign philosophy of international award-winners HofmanDujardin is showcased.
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Coco Raynes: 50 Years of Design Evolution

Coco Raynes Associates
A monograph covering the work of Boston-based graphic design firm Coco Raynes, including logos, interiors, architecture and signage.
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Rena Dumas: An Interior Architecture

Braunstein-Kriegel, Chloe
First monograph on Rena Dumas, interior designer for Hermes maisons and stores around the world
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Olivia-Ann Calleja: Interior Lighting and Design

Calleja, Olivia-Ann
An illustrated monograph celebrating the work of the celebrated European-based, UK-trained lighting and interior designer, featuring many of her projects which combine art, technology and spirituality.
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Tamsin Johnson: Spaces for Living

Johnson, Tamsin
The first book from acclaimed Australian interior designer Tamsin Johnson, known for her fresh interiors that evoke luxurious ease and coastal elegance.
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Collected Interiors: Rooms That Tell a Story

Mitchell, Philip
In this first monograph, modern maximalist designer Philip Mitchell reveals his talent for blending collections, family heirlooms, contemporary art, and accessories in visually creative environments that are brimming with personality, colour, authenticity, and warmth.
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Rooms: Steven Volpe

Volpe, Steven
The first book on the work of Steven Volpe, a designer acclaimed for his grand-scale, bespoke interiors and his impeccable craftsmanship that blurs the line between art and furnishings.
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