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Fabulous!: The Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt

Owens, Mitchell
This first book on the famed designer, renowned for rooms with bold colour palettes, strongly graphic style contrasts, multicultural allusions, and stylish innovations, is a sweeping survey of his fifty-year career.
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India Hicks: A Slice of England: The Story of Four Houses

Hicks, India
The first look at designer India Hicks s house in the English countryside, as well as the houses of her childhood.
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No Place Like Home: Interiors by Madeline Stuart

Stuart, M.
The first book from renowned Hollywood-based interior designer Madeline Stuart, whose elegant decorating is predicated on timeless design, be it modernist or traditional in inspiration.
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Distinctly Modern Interiors

Summers, Emily
The first book by AD 100 designer Emily Summers, featuring interiors that celebrate a new idea of American modernism.
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Houses: Atelier AM

Misczynski, Alexandra
Following up on their much-heralded first volume of interiors, this new publication presents the next evolution of Atelier AM virtuosos of mixing antiques and museum-quality artworks with pedigreed design.
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Achille Salvagni

Salvagni, Achille
A meticulously curated glimpse at the career of a design-world superstar
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Francois Halard

Halard, Francois
This volume presents the famed photographer s newest lush images of the stunning interiors of acclaimed designers, artists, and tastemakers.
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Kelly Wearstler: Evocative Style

Wearstler, Kelly
For her first book in ten years, Kelly Wearstler, one of the most irreverent and fascinating designers working today, continues to push boundaries with her inventive and opulent interiors, here inviting readers into her latest creations including her newly designed home.
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