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Elan: The Interior Design of Kate Hume

Hume, Kate
The first book from celebrated interior and furniture designer Kate Hume.
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William Yeoward: Blue and White and Other Stories: A Personal Journey Through Colour

Yeoward, William
In his most personal book to date, William Yeoward reveals his passion for colour, his inspirations and the "stories" behind his unique use of colour as he takes you on a journey through a dazzling array of beautiful homes.
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Collett-Zarzycki: The Tailored Home

Collett Zarzycki , Bradbury, Dominic
This book offers insights into the influences and inspiration behind Collett-Zarzycki's work, into their unique collaborative working practices and ability to work across a range of forms and scales.
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Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors: Show-Stopping Looks for Unique Interiors

George, Lucy M.
Self-acknowledged `design junkies' Lucy St George and Jane Rockett launched their online interiors store in 2007. Ten years on, Rockett St George has revitalized the interiors market with their quirky, glamorous and distinctive collections.
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An Adventurous Life: Global Interiors by Tom Stringer

Stringer, Tom
Photography and maps showcase Tom Stringer's global travel experiences and how these permeate each design.
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Architecture by Hand: Inspired by Nature

Fung, S
Spencer Fung's inspiration and ideas can strike at any moment, and often the smallest thing impels him to capture it on paper. Whether designing houses, restaurants, hotels, furniture or lighting, he starts by hand, creating miniature works of art, which he then develops into scale perspective drawings, exploring space, structure and detail.
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Jennifer Post Modern

Post, ,Jennifer
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Designing Change

Dp, Design
A unique and engaging book, Designing Change is a visual discourse into the creative psyche of the interior-architects at DPD. It explores and illustrates how designing an interior space goes beyond a direct, strategic response to a building's intrinsic architectural form to examine and embody the evolving relationship between man and built environment.
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