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Offices and Work Spaces

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1 Finsbury Avenue: Innovative Office Architecture from Arup to AHMM

Powell, Kenneth
This book sets the iconic building in its historic context, details its its initial development, design and construction, its listing and then critically examines the current scheme and the reimagining of a late 20th Century landmark.
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A Typical Plan - Projects and Essays on Identity, Flexibility and Atmosphere in the Office Building

Kuo, Jeannette
A concise overview on the architecture and typology of office buildings.
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Architecture China: Architects' Studios - Vol. 2, Summer edition 2019

Li, Xiangning
A look into the offices of 14 outstanding Chinese architects and the desk of Pritzker Prize winner Wang Shu
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Basics Office Design

Bielefeld, Bert
The dimensions of the core elements of office workplaces - desk and chair - together with the necessary circulation areas determine the design of office buildings.
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Big Design for Small Workspaces

Tsui K K
A focus on innovative designs for small offices, providing a comprehensive look at clever design in small spaces.
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Building Type Basics for Banks and Financial Institutions

Williams, H.
Written by an architect with more than four decades of experience in the design of more than 100 banks, this is a definitive guide to the planning and design of banks and other financial institution projects.
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Collection: Offices

Uffelen, Chris Van
Office construction is one of the largest building tasks. Architects and designers face the challenge of creating buildings and spaces that are functional yet stylish. This title presents 170 of the most interesting office projects, which range from small-scale two-roomed offices to vast corporate buildings that comprise more than 100 stories.
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Corporate Architecture

The aim of corporate architecture is create buildings that take into account the design, versatility, dynamism, adaptability and flexibility required of the modern office, together with an aesthetic that reflects the spirit and brand identity of the corporation. This volume showcases some of the most interesting office building projects.
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