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Offices and Work Spaces

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Creating the Productive Workplace: Places to Work Creatively

Croome, Derek Clements-
Essential for anyone involved in the design, management and use of work places, Creating the Productive Workplace is a critical multidisciplinary review of the factors affecting productivity, as well as a practical solutions manual for common problems and issues.
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People Flow in Buildings

Siikonen, Marja-Liisa
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Working Environments. Spaces of Productivity

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Where We Work: Home Offices

Bogaerts, An
Where We Work highlights the many options that come into play when designing a home office and offers a wealth of inspiring visuals and design ideas from around the world.
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Future Office: Next-generation workplace design

Gillen, Nicola
The book looks at what this means for the design process, the role of the architect and physical place itself in the future, and provides a practical guide to help architects, designers, developers, clients and occupiers create office spaces that promote wellbeing, innovation and growth.
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New Work, New Workspace: Innovative design in a connected world

Slavid, Ruth
Increasingly, many of us can work anywhere, so what is the meaning of the dedicated workspace? With 30 detailed case studies of all kinds of workspaces - from traditional workspaces to sheds and studios - this book argues that a specific place to work is still needed but that the kind of space is changing fast and good design is key.
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Basics Office Design

Bielefeld, Bert
The dimensions of the core elements of office workplaces - desk and chair - together with the necessary circulation areas determine the design of office buildings.
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Beyond the Workplace Zoo: Humanising the Office

Oseland, Nigel
Beyond the Workplace Zoo offers high-level pragmatic guidance on office design that meets basic human needs, drawing on the fields of psychology anthropology, sociology and zoology.
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In Detail, Work Environments: Spatial concepts, Usage Strategies, Communications

Schittich, Christian
A title that deals with creative workspace design.
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The Office On The Grass - The Evolution of The Workplace

Caruso St. John et al. Mozas J
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