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Offices and Work Spaces

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High On... Office Design

Daab, Ralf
Thirty architects and interior designers present their very latest office projects, from large corporations to small start-ups.
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Office Design: Architecture Today

Magrinya, Oriol
Lavishly illustrated celebration of modern corporate design showing how architects help to express the identity and philosophy of international companies.
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The Other Office 3: Creative Workplace Design

Grieco, L
The Other Office 3 looks at international trends in creative workplace design, showcasing 100 pioneering projects.
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Inside Outside Office Design V

Xia Jiajia
Inside/Outside Office Design V is the latest in this highly successful series, presenting an up-to-date collection of superior office designs from around the world.
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Fall in Love With Office

Qian, YIN
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Co-working Space Design: Creating a Positive Workplace

Gingko Press
Aside from projects by WeWork, progenitor of the co-working space concept, this book also includes architectural projects designed to encourage co-working, from a variety of experienced teams, such as AIM Architecture, MAT Office and Henri Cleinge.
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Plants at Work: An inspirational guide to greenterior design

Koepf, Miriam
Plants change working environments, adding a touch of nature and style and improving the indoor climate. Their positive effect on people is visible and tangible.
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Collection: Offices

Uffelen, Chris Van
Office construction is one of the largest building tasks. Architects and designers face the challenge of creating buildings and spaces that are functional yet stylish. This title presents 170 of the most interesting office projects, which range from small-scale two-roomed offices to vast corporate buildings that comprise more than 100 stories.
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Uffelen C Van
The demands placed on office spaces and office buildings have intensified considerably in the 21st century through the digital revolution and the new realities of the internet age.
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Corporate Architecture

Uffelen, Chris van
From the 1930s, Olivetti, the manufacturer of business products, was widely regarded as the pioneer of corporate architecture. This book includes both individual projects ranging from high rises to trade fair booths, as well as companywide design schemes such as that of the Apple stores around the world.
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