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Design Build Studios in Latin America: Teaching through a social agenda

Mesa, Felipe
Design-Build Studios in Latin America asks questions about what matters in the present-day training and practice of architecture if we want our discipline to play a leading role in the ecological and social challenges of our time.
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Not Interesting: On the Limits of Criticism in Architecture

Atwood, Andrew
Not Interesting proposes another set of terms and structures to talk about architecture, without requiring that it be interesting.
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Aaron G. Green: Organic Architecture Beyond Frank Lloyd Wright

Green: Henning, Rudolph C.
The complete works of Aaron G. Green are covered, with previously unseen archival images and drawings showcasing the career of this Frank Lloyd Wright protege.
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A Moment in the Sun: Robert Ernest's Brief but Brilliant Life in Architecture

McCarter, Robert
A monograph on Robert Ernest, a forgotten figure in American mid-century modern architecture, who, before passing at the tragically early age of 28, designed three built works that, in ways both direct and indirect, influenced the development of architecture in Florida for the following three generations.
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Tectonics of Place II: The Architecture of Johnson Fain

Johnson, Scott
Tectonics of Place II: The Architecture of Johnson Fain chronicles the architectural and interior design work of a preeminent international design practice based in Southern California.
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Writings on the Asian City: Framing an Inclusive Approach to Urban Design

Cookson Smith, Dr Peter
The book frames a perspective on the urban design challenges presented by the rapidly expanding and regenerating Asian cities, and how these can be shaped by memory, meaning and identity while meeting sustainable, resilient and community concerns.
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The Space Between

HYLA Architects
Key to the firm's approach is found in the title The Space Between. It defines architecture as the space between the user and the environment and speaks of the architect's important role in modulating this relationship according to context and climate.
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Swan and Maclaren: A Story of Singapore Architecture

Swan & Maclaren: Davison, J
Swan & Maclaren were the most prominent and prestigious architectural practice working in Singapore during the later part of the British era. This book offers a history of Singapore through its Architecture.
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