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Writings on the Asian City: Framing an Inclusive Approach to Urban Design

Cookson Smith, Dr Peter
The book frames a perspective on the urban design challenges presented by the rapidly expanding and regenerating Asian cities, and how these can be shaped by memory, meaning and identity while meeting sustainable, resilient and community concerns.
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Adele Naude: A Form of Practice

Naude, Adele
A Form of Practice is the first comprehensive monograph presenting the work and academic contributions by Naude - from South Africa and Chile to Japan and the United States.
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Design for Life: In the Deep South

Holly & Smith Architects
This monograph explores the work of Holly & Smith Architects (H/S) over the past 40 years. This compilation of some of the firm's most recent work demonstrates the designer's deep respect for the climate, vernacular, culture/context, topography, and the natural environment of the deep South.
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Tectonics of Place II: The Architecture of Johnson Fain

Johnson, Scott
Tectonics of Place II: The Architecture of Johnson Fain chronicles the architectural and interior design work of a preeminent international design practice based in Southern California.
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The Space Between

HYLA Architects
Key to the firm's approach is found in the title The Space Between. It defines architecture as the space between the user and the environment and speaks of the architect's important role in modulating this relationship according to context and climate.
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A View from the Top: Viewpoint Collection

Hagberg, Eva
The photography collected in A View from the Top arose out of a desire to document a singular body of work-the Viewpoint Collection.
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Impossible and Hyper-Real Elements of Architecture: Exercises, Provocations, and Theories of Digital Representation

Lostritto, Carl
Impossible and Hyper-Real Elements of Architecture addresses how and why architects, artists, and designers manipulate reality. Front and centre in this discourse is the role of rendering.
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Twentieth-Century Architecture and Modernity: Our Past, Our Present

Mello, Patrizia
This publication presents the theme of "modernity", which was the launching pad for architecture in the 20th century, to the point of completely revolutionising our way of life.
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