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One House Per Day: no.001-365

Bruno, Andrew
One House Per Day no.001-365 collects the first 365 drawings from Andrew Bruno's project One House Per Day, along with a foreword by Keith Krumwiede and essay contributions by Malcolm Rio, Alessandro Orsini & Nick Roseboro, and Clark Thenhaus.
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Zen Spaces & Neon Places: Reflections on Japanese Architecture and Urbanism

Bharne , Vinayak
This volume reveals how Japan's culture has changed and contributed to the Japanese built environment - from historic buildings, post-industrialist cities, monastic gardens and modern landscapes, to the contemplative tea huts.
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Design Build Studios in Latin America: Teaching through a social agenda

Mesa, Felipe
Design-Build Studios in Latin America asks questions about what matters in the present-day training and practice of architecture if we want our discipline to play a leading role in the ecological and social challenges of our time.
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Temples and Towns: The Form, Elements, and Principles of Planned Towns

Dennis, Michael
This book traces the historic evolution of urban form, principles, and design; it serves as a compendium, or reference, of city design; and is a polemic about the necessity for the recovery of the city and a contemporary urban architecture.
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Speaking of Architecture: Interviews About What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage

Gage, Mark Foster
This remarkable collection of casual, informative, and personal interviews engages fifteen architects as they reveal what made them who they are, what propels their architectural work forward, and what they anticipate comes next.
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Building Toys: An Architect's Collection

Rock, John
Building Toys: An Architect's Collection documents over 100 architectural building toys from the author's collection, from the mid-1800s to the present.
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Facades: Beauty. Utility. Performance

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Facades: Beauty. Utility. Performance illustrates the depth and breadth of the many innovative exterior wall facades that were designed from 2007-2020 at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG).
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Lifestyle Architecture: Legacy Homes for Generations

Affiniti Architects
Lifestyle Architecture is a dedication to the work and process of Affiniti Architects which showcases their fluidity of design.
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