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Taira, ,Jin
re]TOKYO explores a wide, understanding vision of the transformative processes of one of the most influential and unknown metropolitan areas in the world, from large scale efforts such as Tokyo's land engineering transformations, to smaller examples such as its capital vending machine system.
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Way Beyond Bigness: The Need for a Watershed Architecture

Hoeferlin, ,Derek
Way Beyond Bigness is a design-research project that studies the Mekong, Mississippi and Rhine river basins, with particular focus on multi-scaled, water-based infrastructural transformation.
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Interior Detailing: In Contract Works

Doctor, ,Jimmy,F.
Having gone through more than seven years of architectural and design studies, Jimmy Doctor found that all those years spent studying architecture and interior design did not give him even a glimpse of what goes into detailing a piece of furniture like a sofa, a chair, or a table.
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Give Me Shelter: Architecture Takes on the Homeless Crisis

Borges S
Part of a project to help tackle the high rates of homelessness in Los Angeles through humane and cooperative shelter provision.
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Making Things: Jay Baker Architects

Baker, Jay
Making Things reviews the collective portfolio of Jay Baker Architects, since the establishment of his practice in 1991, by presenting 20 projects across varied design platforms.
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Translations: Architecture / Art

Pollin, ,Sigrid,Miller
Translations examines the architecture and artwork of Sigrid Miller Pollin.
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Out/West: Houses by Patrick Tighe

Tighe, P
A selection of 20 houses by Patrick Tighe shows the range of his work, which are all linked by location on the west coast.
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Dialectic: The Figure of Vernacular in Architectural Imagination: No. 5

Dialectic: Gubbay, E
This issue of "Dialectic" looks at the changing role of the conceptual category of 'vernacular' in the history of architecture.
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