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Monotown: Urban Dreams Brutal Imperatives

Strange, C
A study on the single industry towns particular to Russia, established during the Soviet Union in uninhabited parts of the Siberian hinterland, and examining the challenges faced by those towns' populations, both historically and today.
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Preston Scott Cohen: Taiyuan Museum of Art

Preston: Cohen, S
A study of a pioneering design that will revolutionise the way we occupy space in galleries and museums, and including a number of interviews with architects, students and critics who have been involved in the project.
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The Life of Olgivanna Wright

Wright: Fawsette-Yeske, M
Using previously unpublished autobiographical material, a glimpse is offered into the life of Olgivanna Wright.
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Shanghai Regeneration: Five Paradigms

Yang, D
A detailed case-study on Shanghai, which looks into the future of a city in need of regeneration. Will be of interest to students of architecture and design, as well as those who want to know more about Shanghai.
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Towards a Robotic Architecture

Daas M
The field of robotics is coming of age. Robotics and artificial intelligence represent the next cutting edge technology to transform the fields of architecture and design.
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Binning House

Binning C: Soules M
Taking a closer look at the primary influence on Canadian architectural modernism: the B.C. Binning House.
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