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A 21st-Century Socialist Country: Towards Sustainability

Sin, Seonhye
How North Korea can survive as a 21st-century socialist country? By suggesting new planning strategies, this book visions a new future of sustainable North Korea.
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As Found Houses: Experiments from self-builders in rural China

John Lin
As Found Houses is a guide to the surprising design decisions found in the domestic architecture of rural China and a resource for thinking about contemporary design.
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City of Refugees: A Real Utopia

Zweig, Peter Jay
City of Refugees strategically documents the contemporary refugee crisis; examining its origins, implications and architectural opportunity for strategic responses.
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Toward an American Spolia: A Loose Inventory of Antecedents and Possibilities

Mergold, Aleksandr
This publication is an inventory of the processes of spolia, a distinctive cultural practice from the ancient times to ours, framing the necessity for the spoliation of the American 20th century its materials, inventions, aesthetics and debris.
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Connective Tissues: Ten Essays by University of Virginia Kenan Fellows 2001-2016

Waldman, Peter
Connective Tissues is a philosophical work framed on epistemological and ethical questions, sustained by Joseph Campbell in the Hero of a Thousand Faces.
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The Architecture of Point William

Shim-Sutcliffe's masterful work at Point William intertwines landscape and architecture with ancient rock and water reshaping and reimagining a site on the Canadian Shield over two decades.
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Our Voices II: The DE-colonial Project

O'Brien, Kevin
The second international (including Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand) architecture and design book written by an entirely indigenous authorship
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HOK Design Annual 2019

The HOK Design Annual 2019 highlights this leading global design firm's most exceptional recent work in architecture, interior design, planning, and urban design.
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