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Working in Mumbai: RMA Architects

RMA: Mehrotra, Raul
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Pressing Matters VI: PennDesign Department of Architecture 2016 - 2017

University of PennDesign
Pressing Matters VI is an exciting compilation of design and research performed at PennDesign's Department of Architecture.
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Metropolis Nonformal

Werthmann, C. & Bridger, J.
Metropolis Nonformal addresses the modern phenomenon of self-built cities, often in slum areas, that will house the next several billion humans on earth.
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Housing Northwest Arkansas: A Challenge, An Initiative, A Response

MacKeith, Peter
Housing Northwest Arkansas presents a 2018 initiative exploring optimal approaches to guide the growth of Northwest Arkansas and to maintain the quality of life distinguishing the region, through an in-depth exploration and design of mixed-use, mixed-income attainable housing.
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Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See

Harmon, Frank
Native Places is a collection of sixty-four watercolor sketches that are paired with mini-essays about architecture, landscape, everyday objects, and nature.
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Seeking Savannah

Smith, Peter Cookson
An original means of examining American urbanism through a narrative of discussion and exploration between various fictional participants, that relate in the first instance to the visionary plan for Savannah, acclaimed for its interwoven urban values, and the wider debate on the urban challenges facing the US in the 21st century.
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Sculpting Spaces in the Tropics: Aamer Architects

Aamer Architects ; Aamer Taher
Aamer Taher combines his artistic soul and architectural abilities to design ideal tropical spaces where the world of the outdoors coexists with the indoor living experience.
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Ennead Architects: Profile Series 6

Ennead Architects
Part of a series of books which each focus on a single building, from the perspective of the architect who designed it.
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