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Houses for Aging Socially: Developing Third Place Ecologies

Univeristy of Arkansas
Addresses how design of low-density housing stock and neighbourhoods may better serve the common mobility, access and social needs of seniors.
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It's Not Easy Being Green

Yeang K
Demonstrating a set of strategies to make Green Architecture feasible and practical, as well as suggesting ways architecture can be designed in favour of a benign living.
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Hands on: Locati Architects

Locati J
A monograph on Locati Architects and Interiors, a firm dedicate to providing stellar building design, and whose motto is "Good Design Improves Lives" and this is realised in every one of their creations.
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Preston Scott Cohen: Taiyuan Museum of Art

Preston: Cohen, S
A study of a pioneering design that will revolutionise the way we occupy space in galleries and museums, and including a number of interviews with architects, students and critics who have been involved in the project.
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The Life of Olgivanna Wright

Wright: Fawsette-Yeske, M
Using previously unpublished autobiographical material, a glimpse is offered into the life of Olgivanna Wright.
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Shanghai Regeneration: Five Paradigms

Yang, D
A detailed case-study on Shanghai, which looks into the future of a city in need of regeneration. Will be of interest to students of architecture and design, as well as those who want to know more about Shanghai.
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