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Architecture as a Living Act: Leonardo Ricci

Ghia, Maria Clara
The book investigates Leonardo Ricci's practical and theoretical approach to architectural design, giving this exceptional figure the recognition he deserves within the panorama of Italian and international architecture following the Second World War.
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Urban Lessons of the Venetian Squares

Moffett, Kenneth
The first part of the book is both a homage to the nature and appeal of the squares of Venice and an analysis of their physical qualities in urbanistic terms.
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Designing Shougang, or the Story of a Section

Bonino, Michele
The book overviews and analyses the most important steps that transformed initial design intentions into a defined proposal, passing through different solutions, changes, debates, and negotiations among the different stakeholders called into action along the whole process.
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Truth and Lies in Architecture

Francis-Jones, Richard
This is a collection of provocative essays that journey into the vexed circumstance of contemporary architectural practice.
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Ideal Landscapes and the Deep Meaning of Feng-Shui: Patterns of Biological and Cultural Genes

Yu, Kongjian
This is a book about ideal landscapes and Feng-Shui and explores the origin, structure, and meanings of Feng-Shui in juxtaposition to the ideal landscape models in Chinese culture.
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Dreyfuss + Blackford: Seventy Years

Dreyfuss and Blackford Architecture
This book celebrates seventy years of outstanding design by Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture. It starts with historical milestones, shows some examples of process and practice, and concludes with a few consequential recent projects.
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Pressing Matters 10

The University of Pennsylvania's Weitzma
Already number TEN, Pressing Matters X is a special issue reflecting a year of reflection and change, after several waves of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and newly developed hybrid teaching methods.
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LA+ Green

Hands, Tatum
LA+ Green explores the green spectrum from plants to politics and from art to science.
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