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The Shape of the Land: Topography & Landscape Architecture

Treib, Marc
The Shape of the Land: Topography & Landscape Architecture-the first book to centre on this subject-presents the contributions of thirteen well-known practitioners and academics who discuss the forms and ramifications of reconfiguring terrain.
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digitalSTRUCTURES: Data and Urban Strategies of the Civic Future

Fok, Wendy W.
digitalSTRUCTURES: Data and Urban Strategies of the Civic Future provokes a larger body of work that engages with digital property and data infrastructures.
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Adele Naude: A Form of Practice

Naude, Adele
A Form of Practice is the first comprehensive monograph presenting the work and academic contributions by Naude - from South Africa and Chile to Japan and the United States.
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Writings on the Asian City: Framing an Inclusive Approach to Urban Design

Cookson Smith, Dr Peter
The book frames a perspective on the urban design challenges presented by the rapidly expanding and regenerating Asian cities, and how these can be shaped by memory, meaning and identity while meeting sustainable, resilient and community concerns.
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Shaping Canton: The Mountains are High and the Emperor Far Away

Cookson Smith, Dr. Peter
The book takes as its starting point the city of Canton, at the heart of the most populous built-up metropolitan area in Mainland China, and a city that has for several centuries held a central position with regard to economic, social, and physical change in the country.
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Typologies for Big Words

Lopez-Pineiro, Sergio
Typologies for Big Words is a collection of projects redesigning traditional building and landscape types as openings within the interiority of the current politico-economic global system.
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Source Books in Architecture No. 14: Rem Koolhaas, OMA + AMO / Spaces for Prada

Wilke, Benjamin
Source Books in Architecture No.14 contains project documentation from the OMA and Prada archives, transcripts from Koolhaas' conversations with students at the Knowlton School at The Ohio State University, and commentary and critique from architects, critics, and theorists.
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Innovation in Practice (in Theory)

Federighi, Valeria
In what is arguably a most crucial time for discourse around issues that are concerned with the political, institutional, and social shape of worlds to come, this book explores the agency of the project of architecture and its processes of innovation by constructing an opportunistic and contingent map of effectual positions.
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