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A Landscape Approach: From Local Communities to Territorial Systems

McCartney, Shelagh
The book promotes a landscape approach as a method for understanding and addressing the complex interdependent issues of environmental and climatic change, ecological degradation, and socio-cultural inequalities.
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Reimagining the Library of the Future: Public Buildings and Civic Space for Tomorrow's Knowledge Society

Lehmann, Steffen
The study Reimagining the Library of the Future investigates the various models of public buildings and civic space through the lens of the library.
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Urban Grids: Handbook for Regular City Design

Busquets, Joan
Urban Grids: Handbook for Regular City Design is the result of a five-year design research project undertaken by professor Joan Busquets and Dingliang Yang at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
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Great Gothic Cathedrals of France: A Visitor's Guide

Parry, S
An informative exploration of some of France's gothic cathedrals, intended as a visitor's guide it covers both art historical and architectural approaches.
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G. H. Hovagimyan: Situationist Funhouse

Zacks, Stephen
Situationist Funhouse is a joyride through the history of G.H. Hovagimyan is an absurdist, a strategist, a serial collaborator in the arts.
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Manual of House Sections: Materials and Carbon

LTL Architects
Building on the techniques of the Manual of Section, the book is comprised of newly generated cross-sectional drawings of fifty-five recent, modestly sized houses from around the world, making legible the tectonics and materials used in their construction.
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Future Offices

Rahim, Ali
Future Offices examines the evolving nature of the office as a spatial asset. Rapid changes in culture, technology, and society have upended longstanding notions of offices and the nature of work itself.
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Architectural Principles in the Age of Fraud

Mitrovic, Branko
The book presents the history of this phenomenon for the past hundred years.
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