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SkyRoom: The Journey of Brian And Marilyn Mackay-Lyons at Shobac, a Seaside Village on the Edge of Architectural and Utopian Possibility

Gaudet, Larry
Shobac is recognised internationally as the masterwork of famed Canadian architect Brian Mackay-Lyons.
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Serious Fun: The Landscapes of Claude Cormier

Treib, Marc
The first comprehensive study of the milieu, ideas, and designs of Canada's leading landscape architect.
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G. H. Hovagimyan: Situationist Funhouse

Zacks, Stephen
Situationist Funhouse is a joyride through the history of G.H. Hovagimyan is an absurdist, a strategist, a serial collaborator in the arts.
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Fun Mill: The Architecture of Creative Industry in Contemporary China

Repellino, Maria
Fun Mill. The Architecture of Creative Industry in Contemporary China looks closely on transforming existing real estate by promoting creative clusters, starting with specific architectures that are examined using an open-minded approach.
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Creatures Are Stirring: A Guide to Architectural Companionship

Altshuler, Joseph
This book prompts readers to develop more intimate friendships with architectural companions through a collection of stories, essays, and case studies that illustrate solidarity among humans, non-humans, buildings, interiors, and the broader environment.
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Fulfilled: Architecture, Excess, and Desire

Bigham, Ashley
Featuring contributions from more than a dozen contemporary architects, Fulfilled: Architecture, Excess, and Desire presents an unparalleled and multidisciplinary exploration into the ways tangible and intangible fulfillment have shaped modern architecture.
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Neural Architecture: Design and Artificial Intelligence

Campo, Mathias Del
As a new player is currently entering the field, artificial Intelligence, we ask: how does architecture take part in this conversation? This is the topic we are ready to delve into.
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Blue Papers: Researches on Digitational Architecture

Bono, Giuseppe
The book analyses the current digital turn in the architecture from multiple perspectives, raising awareness on its social and cultural implications and prefiguring the rise of an alternative and possible architecture.
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