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Leisure and Sport Facilities

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A House with a Pool

Magrinya, Oriol
An architect's illustrated guide to the latest developments and designs for state-of-the-art swimming pools, garden pools and other flat surface water features.
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Swimming Pool Innovations

Duane Forte
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The Football Stadium Guide

Greeves, Andy
A detailed, design-led guide to the most iconic, greatest and intimidating sporting arenas in the world.
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Safari Style: Exceptional African Camps and Lodges

Taroni, Guido
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The Story of a Section: Designing the Shougang Oxygen Factory

Bonino, Michele
The book overviews and analyses the most important steps that transformed initial design intentions into a defined proposal, passing through different solutions, changes, debates, and negotiations among the different stakeholders called into action along the whole process.
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Vortex: The Architecture of a Circle

Durig, Jean-Pierre: Jodidio, Philip
A study of the striking Vortex building in Lausanne, Switzerland, the home for the athletes of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.
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Libraries: A Design Manual

Lushington N et.al.
A handbook on the design and the planning of libraries. It features contributions by experts from architecture and library science who analyze specific aspects of the building type; a typology of some 40 exemplary international projects that provides inspiration and a range of options.
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Guide to Building Natural Swimming Pools

Littlewood M
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