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Re-Use in Construction: A Compendium of Circular Architecture

Institute of Constructive Design
A unique compendium of circular architecture, exploring comprehensively and in detail all the questions and challenges that architects and engineers face with designs that include the re-use of entire parts and components of disused buildings.
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Duplex Architects: Housing

Duplex: Balland, Ludovic
First monograph on Swiss firm Duplex Architects to date, documenting in great detail five housing designs that exemplify Duplex Architects' position, concepts, and methods.
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Robotic Landscapes: Designing the Unfinished

Hurkxkens, Ilmar
The first book on the use of robotic technology in landscape design, introducing new, dynamic methods and previously inconceivable scenarios for implementation.
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Hot Questions-Cold Storage: Architecture from Austria. The Permanent Exhibition at the Az W

Fitz, Angelika
The book accompanying the new permanent display of Architekturzentrum Wien's (Az W) collection, a striking panorama of Austria's architectural history and building culture the past 150 years.
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Wiener Hitze: Architecture and Storytelling in Times of Heat

Condak, Christina
An illustrated reader on experimental approaches in architecture and urban design to enable good urban coexistence in a rapidly warming climate. Text in English and German.
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American Framing: The Same Something for Everyone

Andersen, Paul
A visual and textual exploration of softwood timber-framed construction in the United States since 1832, highlighting also how this quintessentially American type of construction has come to dominate the USA's built landscape and erased typological and social distinctions in a socially and economically deeply divided country.
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Nueva Vivienda: New Housing Paradigms in Mexico

Vassallo, Jesus
Introduces a new generation of architects working in Mexico, featuring twenty-two outstanding housing projects through images, plans, and concise descriptions, supplemented by scholarly essays and conversations with architects, policy makers, and researchers.
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Towards Territorial Transition: A plea to large scale decarbonizing

Armengaud, Matthias
Introduces new strategies, concepts, and approaches in architecture and urban design for fundamental changes towards decarbonisation and ecological turnaround.
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