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Israel Lessons: Industrial Arcadia. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
An urbanist research project on concepts of social space rooted in land domestication and landscape idolatry; and an exploration of the role agriculture played in modern Israel's urbanisation processes, creation of a national narrative, and changes in local climate.
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Portugal Lessons: Environmental Objects. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
Architectural objects confront their environment. They constitute a boundary, a form with an internalised point of view.
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Chicagoisms: The City as Catalyst for Architectural Speculation

Eisenschmidt, Alexander
This book examines Chicago's role as a catalyst for international developments and the city's influence to international discourse.It is the first publication to cover this aspect of Chicago's architectural history.
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Werkgruppe Graz 1959-1989 - Architecture at the Turn of Late Modernism

Werkgruppe: Guttmann, Eva
The first comprehensive monograph on a significant group of architects in post-war Austria.
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Survey Architectural Iconographies

Wells, Matthew
This book explores the history of the architectural survey drawing its multiple forms in order to understand how the methods of recording what already exists can also be used to imagine what might be.
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