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The Advanced School of Collective Feeling: Inhabiting Modern Physical Culture 1926-38

Greenberg, Nile
Documents the reconstruction of a little-known visionary concept by renowned Swiss architect Hannes Meyer that has left a lasting mark on modern, domestic aesthetic.
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Almost Nothing: 100 Artists Comment on the Work of Mies Van Der Rohe

Rohe: Bjone C
An unusual, surprising 100-fold encounter with Mies van der Rohe and his work.
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Exposed Architecture: Exhibitions, Interludes, and Essays

Martinez Abascal, Isabel
Offers an overview of work by young architects in Latin America, sheds light on practice and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American architecture, and looks at the manifold difficulties and challenges faced by local architects.
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Israel Lessons: Industrial Arcadia. Teaching and Research in Architecture

Gugger, Harry
An urbanist research project on concepts of social space rooted in land domestication and landscape idolatry; and an exploration of the role agriculture played in modern Israel's urbanisation processes, creation of a national narrative, and changes in local climate.
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Poolology of Housing

Pool Architekten
In architecture, nothing is ever truly new; everything has been tried before. And nowhere is this more evident than in the architecture of housing.
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Thoughts Form Matter

Konrad, Verena
Features three conceptual installations by Austrian architects Henke Schreieck Architects, LAAC, and Sagmeister & Walsh, created for the 2018 International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennial and referring to the current discourse on interpaces and free spaces.
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Ritual / Original: driendl*architects

Driendl, Georg
First monograph on the important Austrian firm driendl*architects
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Baku Oil and Urbanism

Blau, E
Baku is a textbook case of the interdependency between energy extraction and urban design, and is featured in this first comprehensive study on the close interplay between the oil industry and urbanism.
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