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High Street: How our town centres can bounce back from the retail crisis

Rudlin, David
Uniting retailing and the built environment to develop a shared agenda for the revival of high streets, which are so important to our economy and the spirit of communities.
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Making Space: Women and the Man Made Environment

Timely re-issue of the groundbreaking manifesto for feminist architecture
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Becoming Urban: City of Nomads

Bolchover, Joshua
This book is about what it means to become urban. By describing the impact of rural nomads moving and settling to the city of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, it allows us to reflect on our contemporary urban condition and the urgent challenges facing millions of people around the world as they transform from rural to urban life.
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Home Truths

Ben Derbyshire
With half a century in practice as a housing architect, Ben Derbyshire has written an essential primer for anyone with aspirations to follow in his footsteps. An expression of tough love, according to one reviewer, the book draws on the past to set course for a sustainable future for the professions, their clients and society.
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Urban Block Cities: 10 Design Principles for Contemporary Planning

Palsson, Karsten
This book points to urban blocks as the structure best suited to pro moting sustainable building developments and cities.
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Towards Territorial Transition: A plea to large sacle decarbonizing

Armengaud, Matthias
Introduces new strategies, concepts, and approaches in architecture and urban design for fundamental changes towards decarbonisation and ecological turnaround.
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Neuroscience for Designing Green Spaces: Contemplative Landscapes

Olszewska-Guizzo, Agnieszka
This book delves into the neuroscience behind contemplative landscapes, their key spatial characteristics, and practical application of the Contemplative Landscape Model through case studies from around the world.
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Architectures of Spatial Justice

Cuff, Dana
A field-defining work that demonstrates how architects are breaking with professional conventions to advance spatial justice and design more equitable buildings and cities.
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Patchwork Iba Parkstad

Hermans, Maurice
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On Balance: Architecture and Vertigo

Deriu, Davide
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