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Complex City: London's Changing Character

Manning, Jane
This is a visual, geographic and narrative journey that explains why London is the way it is today.
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A House In The City: Home Truths in Urban Architecture

Dalziel, Robert and Sheila Qureshi-Corta
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Affordable Housing: Cost-efficient Models for the Future

Detail: Hofmeister, Sandra
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Climax City: Masterplanning and the Complexity of Urban Growth

Rudlin, David
Climax City untangles the complexity of urban growth and masterplanning and embraces the chaos of the city
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Urbanity and Density: In 20th Century Urban Design

Sonne, W
In the writing of urban design history of the twentieth century, functionalist and avant-garde models of the dissolution of the city are dominating. In contrast this book presents projects whose goal is the ideal of a dense and urbane city. Drawing on plans, built examples and theories of dense and urban cities and city districts in the twentieth c
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Soft City: Building Density for Everyday Life

Sim, David
A visual and clear guide to building better density to create happier, more livable cities. With foreword by Jan Gehl.
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The Housing Design Handbook: A Guide to Good Practice

Levitt, David (Levitt Bernstein Associat
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