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Post Modernism

Welcome to RIBApix features where we spotlight noteworthy photographers, architects and collections.

In our features we'll bring you more background information, highlight the must see images and guide you through our vast image library.

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The Story of Post-Modernism - Five Decades of Ironic, Iconic and Critical in Architecture

Jencks, Charles
In The Story of Post-Modernism, Charles Jencks, the authority on Post-Modern architecture and culture, provides the defining account of Post-Modern architecture from its earliest roots in the early 60s to the present day.
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Revisiting Postmodernism

Furman, Adam Nathaniel & Farrell, Terry
Revisiting Postmodernism offers an engaging, wide-ranging and highly illustrated account of postmodernism in architecture from its roots in the 1940s to its ongoing relevance today.
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The Post-Modern Reader

Jencks, Charles ~~~~
The reader reprints extracts of key historical texts - those of Daniel Bell on the post-industrial society and Jean-Francois Lyotard on the post-modern condition. The new cultural logic of contested pluralism is analysed in seminal papers by Andreas Hyssen and Jim Collins.
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Postmodern Architecture: Less is a Bore

Hopkins, Owen
A curated collection of Postmodern architecture in all its glorious array of vivid non-conformity
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Architecture's Historical Turn: Phenomenology and the Rise of the Postmodern

Pailos, Jorge Otero-
Architectures Historical Turn traces the hidden history of architectural phenomenology, a movement that reflected a key turning point in the early phases of postmodernism and a legitimating source for those architects who first dared to confront history as an intellectual problem and not merely as a stylistic question.
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Utopia's Ghost: Architecture and Postmodernism, Again

Martin, Reinhold
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Italy/Australia: Postmodern Architecture in Translation

Micheli, Silvia
Italy/Australia: Postmodern Architecture in Translation examines the influence of Italian postmodernism on Australian architecture. This book is one of only a few concerning Australian postmodernism and represents the first critical assessment of national postmodern architecture.
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NATO: Narrative Architecture in Postmodern London

Jamieson C
Outgrowth of the author's thesis (doctoral--Royal College of Art, 2015), under title: NAT[: exploring architecture as a narrative medium in postmodern London.
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