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BIID Interior Design Project Book

Susie Rumbold
A must-have reference for running interior design projects at all sizes, including step-by-step guidance and invaluable checklists.
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Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces

Mitton, Maureen
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A Studio Guide to Interior Design

John, Elys (Bath Spa University, UK)
This book leads you through the creative process of developing an interior design proposal. Ideally suited to students at the beginning of their course, it covers everything students need to get to grips with early on in their studies and features a wealth of pedagogical features and teaching ancillaries.
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Reimagining Alternative Technology for Design in the 21st Century

Kennedy, Brook S.
Written for practicing designers and students in industrial design, architecture, sustainable design, and human-centred design, this book proposes a new approach to design that harnesses still-valuable alternative, traditional and abandoned technologies over the creation of new ones to address contemporary global concerns.
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Textile in Architecture: From the Middle Ages to Modernism

Ekici, Didem
This book investigates the interconnections between textile and architecture via a variety of case studies from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century and from diverse geographic contexts. It is essential reading for any student or researcher interested in textiles in architecture through the ages.
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Interior Design Concept: Critical Practices, Processes and Explorations in Interior Architecture and Design

Badenduck, Natalie
Interior Design Concept combines a comprehensive introduction to design concept, with a reflective examination upon the various ways it can be understood, harnessed and implemented.
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Programming for Health and Wellbeing in Architecture

Menezes, Keely
Programming for Health and Wellbeing in Architecture presents a new approach to architectural programming that includes sustainability, neuroscience and human factors.
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Sustainability in Interior Design

Moxon, Sian
The environmental impact of interior architecture and design practice is immense. This book highlights the need for designers to adapt the way they work and relearn lessons that have been lost.
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