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In Praise of Good Bookstores

Deutsch, Jeff
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Sigurd Lewerentz - Pure Aesthetics: St Mark's Church, Stockholm

Lewerentz: Bjoerkquist, K
The first substantial building monograph on Sigurd Lewerentz's masterpiece of modern religious architecture, St. Mark's church in Bjorkhagen, Stockholm, lavishly illustrated with new photographs and newly drawn plans.
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Hospitals: A Design Manual

Wagenaar, C
Hospitals as a building type have undergone a substantial evolution in the past years. This publication explains the principles and requirements for the planning of hospitals and other health facilities.
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Where We Work: Home Offices

Bogaerts, An
Where We Work highlights the many options that come into play when designing a home office and offers a wealth of inspiring visuals and design ideas from around the world.
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World Culture Districts: Spaces of the 21st Century

Ellis, Adrian
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Consuming Scenography: The Shopping Mall as a Theatrical Experience

Tabacki, Nebojsa (Independent scholar, G
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Amazing Temples of the World

Kerrigan, Michael
Temples have been places of worship and a focus for communities to gather since the earliest days of human civilisation. Illustrated with more than 180 photographs, Amazing Temples of the World includes more than 150 places of worship, from Ancient Greece and Rome, through traditional synagogues to modern Buddhist, Taoist and Sikh temples.
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People Flow in Buildings

Siikonen, Marja-Liisa
Discover how to measure, control, model, and plan people flow within modern buildings with this one-stop resource from a leading professional.
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David Adjaye - The Webster

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Working Environments. Spaces of Productivity

Our way of working is subject to constant processes of transformation. From the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation and issues of sustainability in production, administration, and office structures, to healthcare strategies and contemplation, architecture must translate influences on the realm of work into space.
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