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Public Buildings

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The Everyday Life of Memorials

Shanken, Andrew M.
A timely study, erudite and exciting, about the ordinary--and oftentimes unseen--lives of memorials.
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Architecture of Public Space

A captivating and heavily illustrated chronicle of architectural research into the public spaces of Italy's historic towns and cities, put together by leading Italian architecture firm Labics and forming a timeless theory for the design of public spaces.
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KANAL: Thinking / Book #1

Atelier Kanal architects
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Public Aquariums: Construction and Design Manual

Lange, Jurgen
First ever manual to systematically delve into public aquariums as an architectural typology, examining the history of aquarium maintenance, planning parameters, and a selection of ground-breaking buildings and structures in an international context.
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Strategic Airport Planning

Brown, Mike (Imperial College London, UK
The aim of the book is to articulate a new approach to airport planning that better captures the complexities and velocity of change in our contemporary world. As a result, it will lead to higher performing airports for users, business partners, investors and other stakeholders.
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Amazing Theatres of the World: Theatres, Arts Centres and Opera Houses

Connolly, Dominic
featuring theatres and opera houses - and any space for the performing arts - from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australasia, Amazing Theatres of the World includes modern masterpieces and ancient remains, art deco delights and Baroque classics, highlighting the best of centuries of theatre spaces.
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Lloyd's 1 : 1: The Currency of the Architectural Mock-Up

Eidenbenz, Michael
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Master of the House: The Theatres of Cameron Mackintosh

Coveney, Michael
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Going to Church in Medieval England

Orme, Nicholas
An engaging, richly illustrated account of parish churches and churchgoers in England, from the Anglo-Saxons to the mid-sixteenth century
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