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Case Design - A School In The Making

case Design, Mumbai
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EVENTS: Situating the Temporary

Verkerk, H
The Amsterdam-based design office of EventArchitectuur has been active for more than 25 year in the fields of temporary architecture, exhibition and shop design, present in Berlin, Paris, New York and many countries world-wide. Book design by the cool international office of Experimental Jetset.
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Building to Educate: School Architecture & Design

Kramer, Sibylle
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Coffee Love: Cafe Design & Stories

Braun, Markus Sebastian
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Stay Overnight: Hospitality Design in Repurposed Spaces

Uffelen, Chris Van
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The Patient Room: Planning, Design, Layout

Sunder, Wolfgang
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Sacred Concrete: The Churches of Le Corbusier

Corbusier : Samuel, Flora
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A Place to Mourn: Funeral Chapel in Buochs by Seiler Linhart Architekten

Wiegelmann, Andrea
This publication is not intended as a monograph of a building, but is instead aimed at inspiring in-depth investigation of the building task, the culture of valediction in our society, both yesterday and today, and the role that architecture can play in this respect. Text in English and German.
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Sacred Buildings: A Design Manual

Stegers, Rudolf
The design of sacred spaces presents architects with a particular challenge. This title provides a survey of conceptual principles of designing sacred buildings for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It explains technical and planning guidelines for this building type.
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