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Public Buildings

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The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum

Williams, Richard J.
The Culture Factory: Architecture and the Contemporary Art Museum examines museum design using international examples from Western Europe, China, Brazil and the USA. Written accessibly, it argues that the development of the art museum since the mid-1970s has involved the deliberate blurring of boundaries between different categories of art.
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The New Curator: Exhibiting Architecture and Design

Watson, Fleur (Architecture Victoria | O
Fleur Watson draws on an international range of exhibitions, project profiles, and interviews to reveal the emergence of the 'new curator' in architecture and design. A beautiful color book which is essential reading for students and professionals.
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Arne Jacobsen in London

P. T. Kristensen
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The Bridges of Robert Adam: A Fanciful and Picturesque Tour

Riley, Benjamin
From the Pulteney Bridge in Bath to Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, The Bridges of Robert Adam: A Fanciful and Picturesque Tour will take the reader across Britain, shedding new light on an understudied aspect of the great architect's career.
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Greenhouses: Cathedrals for Plants

Pawlok, Werner
A unique coffee table book with photographs of the most beautiful greenhouses in Europe - atmospheric, dreamlike, colourful. Text in English and German.
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Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum

Pei, Zhu
A detailed insight on how Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum was formed - from design concept to environmental strategies, to construction techniques and materials. It also shares the architect's personal thoughts on the design and intention of the museum.
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Archea Associati: Antinori Winery: Diary of Building a New Landscape

Andreini, Laura
An important monograph outlining the design and production of the Antinory Winery in Chianti Classico
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Cheers!: Wine Cellar Design III

Artpower International
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Timepiece: Designing modern time

Lawrence, David
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Where Light in Darkness Lies: The Story of the Lighthouse

della Dora, Veronica
The rich story of the lighthouse in the human imagination.
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