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Public Buildings

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A House with a Pool

Magrinya, Oriol
An architect's illustrated guide to the latest developments and designs for state-of-the-art swimming pools, garden pools and other flat surface water features.
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Swimming Pool Innovations

Duane Forte
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Reworking the Workplace: Connecting people, purpose and place

Nicola Gillen
In the increasingly virtual world of work, the role of the office is changing. Architects need to understand how to promote collaboration when designing within the ecosystem of hybrid working.
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100 20th-Century Shops

Twentieth Century Society
100 20th-Century Shops is a fascinating showcase of Britain's changing high street and the diverse architectural styles of the twentieth century.
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A Brief Atlas of the Lighthouses at the End of the World

Macias, Gonzalez
Beautifully illustrated stories of lighthouses and their guardians which transport the reader to the some of the most remote places on earth.
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London's Underground, revised edition: The Story of the Tube

Green, Oliver
Published in conjunction with TFL, this is a comprehensive, updated guide to the London Underground, combining a historical overview, illustrations and newly commissioned photography.
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Dining Out: The New Restaurant Interior Design

Wang, Shaoqiang
Sixty international projects show the latest trends of restaurant design.
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KANAL: Thinking / Book #1

Atelier Kanal architects
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Architecture of Public Space

A captivating and heavily illustrated chronicle of architectural research into the public spaces of Italy's historic towns and cities, put together by leading Italian architecture firm Labics and forming a timeless theory for the design of public spaces.
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Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office

Myerson, Jeremy
This book offers a complete re-evaluation of the purpose of the workplace, and explores what happens next.
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