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Public Buildings

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People Flow in Buildings

Siikonen, Marja-Liisa
Discover how to measure, control, model, and plan people flow within modern buildings with this one-stop resource from a leading professional.
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David Adjaye - The Webster

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Working Environments. Spaces of Productivity

Our way of working is subject to constant processes of transformation. From the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation and issues of sustainability in production, administration, and office structures, to healthcare strategies and contemplation, architecture must translate influences on the realm of work into space.
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Reimagining the Library of the Future: Public Buildings and Civic Space for Tomorrow's Knowledge Society

Lehmann, Steffen
The study Reimagining the Library of the Future investigates the various models of public buildings and civic space through the lens of the library.
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Churches of Paris

Shannon, Peggy
The first contemporary, illustrated English-language book to reflect the history and beauty of Parisian churches.
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Sustainable Approaches to Urban Transport

Mohan, Dinesh
Current urban transport is unsustainable, but good planning and engineering incentivize alternatives to private car use. These interdisciplinary essays from leading international experts in urban planning, transport and governance suit transport engineers and planners and students.
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Urban Environments for Healthy Ageing: A Global Perspective

Lane, Anna
Bringing together stakeholders from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, this book presents new evidence and critical reviews of current knowledge to promote ongoing discussions on the challenges and opportunities of aged and highly urbanised populations.
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Why Travel?: Understanding our Need to Move and How it Shapes our Lives

Hill, Terry
This book brings together leading experts to show how our travel choices are shaped by a wide range of social, physical, psychological and cultural factors, which have profound implications for the design of future transport policies.
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Strategy and Managed Decline: London Transport 1948-87

Fowler, James (The University of Essex,
Why do organisations decline, and what happens when they do? Strategy and Managed Decline: London Transport 1948-87 is a historical case study looking at how London Transport, a world beater in 1948, declined from being an international exemplar to dilapidation in 30 years.
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Archaeology of Modernism: Preservation Bauhaus Dessau

Markgraf, Monika
The Bauhaus Building in Dessau, designed by Walter Gropius in 1926, represents a "built manifesto of Bauhaus ideas" and is one of modernism's most important buildings.
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