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Brutal North: Post-War Modernist Architecture in the North of England

Phipps, Simon
The first a photographic exploration of modernist and Brutalist architecture across the North of England, from the photographer behind Brutal London and Concrete Poetry.
198,00 kr
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Engineering for Cats: Improve the Life of Your Pet Through 10 Ingenious Projects

Delaney, Mac
Learn how to construct a fancy cat water fountain, cat shelves, and more, in this whimsical but practical guide. Aerospace engineer Mac Delaney leads readers through 10 projects that solve everyday cat-people problems, complete with step-by-step illustrations.
140,00 kr
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Screen Time

Jones, Dafydd
Screen Time explores a variety of social situations, from the mundane to the exalted, and features celebrities, actors, models and even the occasional princess - all glued to their phones
174,00 kr
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Urban Geometry

Albajar, Andres Gallardo
197,00 kr
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Seats of London: A Field Guide to London Transport Moquette Patterns

Martin, Andrew
An illustrated guide to the moquette fabric patterns used on London Transport Tubes, buses, trains and trams from the Thirties to the present day, published in association with the London Transport Museum, and by the acclaimed author of Underground, Overground.
151,00 kr
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Soviet Cities: Labour, Life & Leisure

Kotov, Arseniy
The first book by Russian photographer and Instagram sensation Arseniy Kotov. The images showcase surviving Soviet Modernist architecture from across the former USSR, much of which has never previously been documented.
232,00 kr 291,00 kr
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Invisible Cities

Calvino, Italo
In Invisible Cities Marco Polo conjures up cities of magical times for his host, the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan, but gradually it becomes clear that he is actually describing one city: Venice.
105,00 kr
excluding shipping