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Religious Buildings

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Secret Sacred Sites: 100 hidden holy places from around the world

Gray, Martin
Secret Sacred Sites uncovers 100 lesser known sacred sites often only known to locals, guaranteeing a fully authentic visit.
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The History of England's Cathedrals

Orme, Nicholas
The first history of all the English cathedrals, from Birmingham and Bury St Edmunds to Worcester and York Minster
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Mosque: Approaches to Art and Architecture

Trevathan, Idries
Mosque examines the history, culture, evolution and functions of the mosque through the prism of its artistic objects and architectural elements. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the art and culture of the Muslim world.
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Wooden Churches in Eastern Europe

von Quast, Siegfried
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Divine New York: Inside the Historic Churches and Synagogues of Manhattan

Horowitz, Michael L.
An exclusive tour through the breathtaking and inspirational interiors of Manhattan's houses of worship.
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900 Years of St Bartholomew's: The History, Art and Architecture of London's Oldest Parish Church

Gauthier, Charlotte
A remarkably detailed history of the continued survival and renewal of St Bartholomew the Great.
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The Synagogue Project: On the Reconstruction of Synagogues in Germany

Springer, Joerg
A significant contribution to the debate on the reconstruction of German synagogues destroyed under Nazi rule in the 1930s. Text in English and German.
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How Beautiful Are Your Dwelling Places, Jacob: An Atlas of Jewish Space, and a Synagogue for Babyn Yar

Pelt, Robert Jan van
A history of the Jewish concept of space and a documentation of the new synagogue at Babyn Yar near Kiev, Ukraine.
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Nabawi: Devotion in Madinah

Alofi, Moath
Nabawi, is a record of the daily life of one of the great holy sites, and a study in humanity. All manner of expression and experience are found in the faces of the pilgrims - the old and young men, women and children - who are touched by the spirit of the place and by the devotion they have so faithfully expressed.
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