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Religious Buildings

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The Romanesque Abbey of St Peter at Gloucester

Heighway, Carolyn
A highly illustrated volume on the history of the abbey at Gloucester cathedral.
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John Francis Bentley: Architect of Westminster Cathedral

Bentley: Howell, Peter
This is the first biography of John Francis Bentley (1839-1902), best known as architect of Westminster Cathedral, since his daughter Winefride de l'Hopital's Westminster Cathedral and its Architect (1919).
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Cathedrals of Britain

Platten, Stephen
For centuries the great religious buildings of Great Britain have inspired and fascinated pilgrims and visitors from around the world. The beauty and diversity of British ecclesiastical architecture is superbly captured in this guide to over 60 of Britain's finest cathedrals.
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The Cathedrals of England

Batsford, Harry
The companion reissue to The Spirit of London, this classic text from 1934 is still an invaluable aid to understanding England's cathedrals. Wonderful readable and richly illustrated with photographs and original drawings by Brian Cook, this is still a great read for architectural enthusiasts and those who visit churches and cathedrals.
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Building a Crossing Tower: A Design for Rouen Cathedral of 1516

Beltrami, Costanza
Prompted by the recent discovery of a 3-metre tall Gothic drawing of a soaring tower that was never built, this book offers a rare insight into the processes of designing and building a major Gothic project. Who drew this, and when? This book explores these questions, and uncovers the dramatic circumstances in which the drawing was created.
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The Burning Bush Synagogue: Armon Architects (Masterpiece Series)

Ojeda, Oscar Riera
The concept in the back of the monumental structure located at the IDF officers school is based on receipt of the Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai.
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Notre-Dame de Paris: The Eternal Cathedral

Gauvard, ,Claude
With over 100 full-colour pictures and expert-written text, visit Notre Dame de Paris from the comfort of your own home and learn all its secrets.
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