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Restaurants, Bars and Cafe's

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A Coffee a Day: Contemporary Cafe Design

Uffelen, Chris Van
Exchange and interaction, an escape from everyday life, letting the imagination flow, writing, reading, or simply doing nothing: Drinking a coffee in a nice café, spontaneously or on a date, alone or with friends, is undoubtedly one of the things we miss the most during the 2020/21 pandemic – even if we have always felt the importance of these semi-private, semi-public institutions...
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Designing Coffee Shops and Cafes for Community

Waxman, Lisa K.
This book brings together research, theory and practical applications for designing coffee shops and cafes as places to enhance community connections. Written for students, academics and designers, it includes eight case studies by authors from four countries that ground the theories in real-life third places.
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Design Wisdom in Small Space II--Restaurant

Gentry, Jon
This is the second series of DESIGN WISDOM IN SMALL SPACE. The five volumes are Clothing Shop, Coffee Shop, Sweet Shop, Bakeshop, and Restaurant.
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Restaurants and Dining Rooms

Grafe, Christoph (University of Wupperta
This book presents the restaurant, its cultural and typological history as it evolved over time. In this unique combination it provides valuable knowledge for designers and students of design, and for everyone interested in the cultural history of the modern metropolis.
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Best of Hospitality Architecture and Design Volume II

Allen C
"Interior Design's The Best of Hospitality Architecture and Design" is a compilation of the best work done in the hospitality market today, featuring over 40 projects from the highest level design firms. It includes a diversity of projects, from resorts to boutique hotels, from nightclubs to cafes, designed by both industry stalwarts and start-ups.
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21st Century Bars

Hall, Andrew
Features more than 100 exciting bars, restaurants and nightspots
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Modern Japanese Restaurant

Ohara I
Provides a definitive statement of contemporary interior design in the Japanese dining space, which has international reach to a wide audience across a huge market. Covers a range of projects (the majority achieved within the past 24 months) offering a varied approach to modern perspectives of Japanese interior design.
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Cafe Plus: Reinventing Interior Design for the Modern Cafe Space

Koehne, Helen
Illustrated descriptions of 35 eclectic coffee shops from all over the world, mostly completed after 2015.
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Tasty: Interiors for Restaurants & Bars

Navarro, Laura
What do we look for when we go out to eat? How has the experience of going to a restaurant changed in recent years? In which aspects is design influencing gastronomy?
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Appetizing Design: The World's Most Beautiful Restaurants

Abaci E & Balasopulos M
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