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Self Build

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Build Your Own Brick House

Cole G
Follows the process of a self-build, using traditional brick and block techniques, enabling the self-builder to understand both the individual stages and the nature of the build as a whole.
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Building your own Sustainable and Energy Efficient House

Skates H
Explains how to go about building a home that will save you money, save energy, minimize carbon emissions and greenhouse gas production [the main causes of climate change] and above all, provide a home of exceptional thermal comfort, not too hot, not too cold, in fact just right for you and your family.
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Chic Refurbishment: Small Apartments from 50m2

Instituto Monsa
A superbly illustrated volume showcasing stylish refurbishment projects for small apartments - under 50m2
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Masonry & Plastering

Lawrence, Mike
Many bricklaying, plastering and masonry jobs can be mastered by a do-it-yourselfer. This guide explains the basic techniques and provides detailed instructions for 30 projects in the house and garden, suitable for beginners.
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Roof Construction and Loft Conversion

Mindham, C.N.
Full of detailed construction drawings, this book covers cut roofs, bolted truss roofs, trussed rafter roofs, trimmed openings and ventilation. A major section deals with loft to attic room conversions, giving guidance on planning procedures, as well as dealing with structural matters and specifying conversion work.
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Self Build and Renovation For Dummies

Walliman, Nicholas
Includes a directory of useful contacts, Web sites, and organisations to get you started Everything you need to know to build your ideal home Why compromise when you can get the home you've always dreamed of? Self-Build and Renovation For Dummies is the comprehensive guide that shows you how.
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The Building Work Handbook: A Practical Guide for Contractors and Clients

Howe, B.
Whether you're a professional builder or a homeowner about to embark on building work, this handy-sized book contains everything you need to know to ensure the work runs smoothly. Thorough, clearly explained advice and information will guide you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have.
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The Green Self-build Book: How to Design and Build Your Own ECO-Home

Broome, John
A highly illustrated, practical handbook on eco-friendly self-building
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The New, New Home: How to Navigate Today's Housing Landscape

Thompson, Boyce
Demystifies the challenges and opportunities facing new homebuyers. In this title, the author lays out the new green, high-tech, aging in place, space planning and construction options available in today's market. It helps buyers determine which features will improve their living experience and create value if they sell their home down the road.
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