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Social Housing

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Social Housing Barcelona

Faifferi, Massimo
In order to meet modern residential needs, the Patronat Municipal de l'Habitatge de Barcelona (PMHB) has launched a process of the public offer's diversification by building high-standard architectural housing models specific for the most vulnerable categories of society. Text in English and Italian.
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Transforming Social Housing: International Perspectives

Sasha Tsenkova
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The Fall and Rise of Social Housing: 100 Years on 20 Estates

Tunstall, Becky
Using a unique archive spanning the lifetime of twenty council estates in the UK, this book examines what we can learn from council housing's failings and successes for building sustainable communities in the future.
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Social Transparency - Projects on Housing

Maltzan, Michael
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Housing Northwest Arkansas: A Challenge, An Initiative, A Response

MacKeith, Peter
Housing Northwest Arkansas presents a 2018 initiative exploring optimal approaches to guide the growth of Northwest Arkansas and to maintain the quality of life distinguishing the region, through an in-depth exploration and design of mixed-use, mixed-income attainable housing.
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Social Housing in the Middle East: Architecture, Urban Development, and Transnational Modernity

Kilinc, Kivanc
Social Housing in the Middle East traces the history of social housing in the region and considers how culture, faith, and politics influence the housing solutions offered.
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