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Social Housing

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Housing in Postwar Japan - A Social History

Waswo, Ann
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Housing in Post-Growth Society: Japan on the Edge of Social Transition

Hirayama, Yosuke (Kobe University, Japan
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Introduction to Social Housing

Reeves, P
The provision and management of social housing for those who are unable to access the housing market is essential to the maintenance of the fabric of society. Taking a people-centred approach, this book describes the themes that have run through provision of social housing from the first philanthropic industrialists in the 19th century.
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Public Housing Myths: Perception, Reality, and Social Policy

Bloom, Nicholas Dagen
Popular opinion holds that public housing is a failure. Over the past decade, however, historians and social scientists have quietly exploded the common wisdom about public housing. This volume provides an updated, panoramic view of public...
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The Social Project: Housing Postwar France

Cupers K
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Housing as Intervention: Architecture towards social equity

AD: Kubey K
Across the world, the housing crisis is escalating. Mass migration to cities has led to rapid urbanisation on an unprecedented scale, while the withdrawal of public funding from social housing provision in Western countries, and widening income inequality, have further compounded the situation.
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