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South Asian Heritage Month 2023

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Geoffrey Bawa: The Complete Works

Bawa: Robson, D.
Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa fused local construction traditions with modern forms and sensibility to create harmonious and pleasurable buildings that have become legendary in the region and influential around the world. This volume is a documentation and appreciation of the man and his work.
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Dhaka Totem

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Hathigaon: An urban settlement of elephants and Mahouts

Vidyarthi, Sanjeev
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Jaipur: A planned City of Rajasthan

Borie, Alain
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Jain, Shikha
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Wooden Architecture of Kerala

Desai M
It was in the late 1960s and '70s that the author, then a student of architecture, rst encountered built environments belonging to the genres of folk or vernacular traditions.
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Geoffrey Bawa: Drawing from the Archives

Shayari De Silva
Illuminating look into a previously unpublished archive
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Yasmeen Lari: Architecture for the Future

Fitz, Angelika
A rich exploration of the extraordinary life and work of celebrated architect Yasmeen Lari.
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Fantastic State of Ruin: The Painted Towns of Rajasthan

Zurick, ,David
This book portrays the exquisite beauty that is found amid the ruins of a handful of tiny trading towns located along an ancient trade route in Rajasthan, India.
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CHD Chandigarh - South Asian Architectural Guides

Prakash; Vikramaditya
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The New Sri Lankan House

Powell R
The New Sri Lankan House charts the development of private houses in the 21st century in a variety of locations around the island.
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Vanishing Stepwells of India

Lautmann, V
Some of the most stunning architectural structures in India are to be found below ground: these are its stepwells, ancient water stores. Stepwells are unique to India and from around the 3rd century CE were built throughout the country.
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Delhi Architectural Guide

Bansal, Anupam
The prolific architectural legacy of Delhi is remarkable not only for its antiquity but also its diversity. While the period of antiquity encompass various types of Hindu, Islamic and Colonial architecture, it is modern architecture that laid the foundation of post-independent development of the city. Today, the city has been engulfed by an explosi
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Banaras Reconstructed: Architecture and Sacred Space in a Hindu Holy City

Desai M
Outgrowth of the author's thesis (Ph.D.--University of California, Berkeley, 2008) under the title: Resurrecting Banaras: urban space, architecture and religious boundaries.
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Eloquent Spaces: Meaning and Community in Early Indian Architecture

Kaul, Shonaleeka (Associate Professor of
Eloquent Spaces adopts the twin analytic of meaning and community to write a fresh history of building in early India. It captures some of the semantic diversity inherent in premodern Indian traditions of civic building, which were unified in their insistence on enacting a transcendent validity over and above utility and beauty of form.
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DAC Dhaka

Morshed, A
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AMD Ahmedabad

Tayyibji, R
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AVPNY-Auroville & Pondicherry

Kundoo, Anupama
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The Continuous Line

Prakash, Vikramaditya
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Balkrishna Doshi: Writings on Architecture & Identity

Bader, Simone Vera
Acclaimed Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi will receive the Royal Gold Medal 2022, one of the world’s highest honours for architecture. Given in recognition of a lifetime’s work, the Royal Gold Medal is approved personally by Her Majesty The Queen and is given to a person or group of people who have had a significant influence on the advancement of architecture.
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Rafiq Azam: Architecture for Green Living

Azam: Ashraf K K, Falvo, R Maria- ed.
Mohammad Rafiq Azam is a world-renowned architect. With more than 200 colour and black-and-white plates, exquisite design sketches and aerial views, as well as watercolour paintings and inspirational phrases, this book offers an introduction and insight into a visionary architect and Bangladeshi contemporary living and culture.
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