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Space Architecture

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LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth: Architecture for Extreme Environments

LIQUIFER Systems Group
Conquering the extremes: LIQUIFER Systems Group, a design and research firm based in Vienna and Bremen, has been addressing the issue of human life on planet Earth and elsewhere in the universe for two decades. This is the first book to present the practice's groundbreaking work.
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Staging the Moon: Resource Extraction Beyond Earth

Cane, Francelle
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Lunar: A History of the Moon in Myths, Maps + Matter

Shindell, Matthew
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Moon: Architectural Guide

Meuser, Paul
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, this book for the first time ever looks at the artefacts left behind on the moon from the perspective of architecture.
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International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth

Nixon D
In 1984 President Ronald Reagan gave NASA the go-ahead to build a Space Station. A generation later, the International Space Station is an established and highly successful research centre in Earth orbit. This book provides an account of the Station's conception, design, development and assembly in space.
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