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Building Design Cost Management

Jaggar, David
The design and construction of building projects is a complex and demanding process. It involves a variety of disciplines, including architecture, quantity surveying, engineering and construction management.
618,00 kr
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Civil Engineering Quantities

Seeley, Ivor
Aimed at civil engineers and quantity surveyors and students of these disciplines in the preparation of bills of quantities.
700,00 kr
excluding shipping

Engineering Surveying

Schofield, W. (Formerly Kingston Univers
1 400,00 kr
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Repairing Flooded Buildings: An Insurance Industry Guide to Investigation and Repair (EP 69)

Helps those who are less experienced in flood repairs to understand the basic insurance and technical issues involved, and the key elements of customer care.
396,00 kr
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Surveying for Engineers

Uren, J. & Price, W.
This classic text takes the reader through everything they need to know, from traditional methods through to the very latest technological developments. Ideal whether students are studying surveying as a separate discipline or as part of a civil engineering, building or construction course: accessible, well illustrated and comprehensive.
746,00 kr
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The Rising Damp Myth

Howell, Jeff
198,00 kr
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How to Investigate Damp: Practical Site Inspection Skills and Remedial Options

Burkinshaw, Ralph
"The aim of this book is to take the reader by the hand and show them exactly how to carry out various inspection techniques to identify the causes of damp in buildings"--
571,00 kr
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Promoting Property: Insight, Experience and Best Practice

Norton, Penny (Consult Online, UK)
"This book explores the wide-ranging elements of property PR in the UK, with a strong emphasis on communications theory, strategy and technique"--
501,00 kr
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Asbestos for Surveyors

Sanderson, B ~
A guide for those responsible for identifying and dealing with asbestos in buildings. It is based on the Control of Asbestos at Work Act 2002 and is intended to be a guide to the technical aspects of asbestos and why it was originally used. It illustrates where it may be found in buildings, what type of survey is required and how to undertake it.
525,00 kr
excluding shipping